Shari Peyerl

I love history – studying historic documents, collecting neat old stuff, and preserving artifacts for the future. When I’m not researching or writing about history I’m thinking about it, which I’m sorry to say, has affected my cooking, much to the dismay of my family! This preoccupation with the past sometimes makes it difficult for me to understand pop-culture or cope with technological advances. Starting this blog is largely due to encouragement from my tech-savvy and very patient husband. I often feel like I am a Quill in the Digital Age.

My formal education includes Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in Archaeology (which I’m sure you know is the study of past human cultures). I live and work in the region of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and served as the secretary for the local archaeological society from 2007 to 2017. The chief benefit of that (besides hanging out with others of the same mind-set) was working on the Glenbow Town and Quarry Project. I have published some information about this project and have included some teasers here for the much larger book that is in the works.

When I can sneak in the time, I go treasure hunting at garage sales. I never know what items I will come across or what story they will tell; it’s kind of like archaeological excavation, but with the bonus of getting to keep the things I find and not having to move so much dirt to find them. I cart home assorted vintage items to use or display. My projects have included reupholstering, painting, sewing, and repurposing objects. But sometimes I just buy old things because they are pretty – especially teacups!

I’m also concerned about preserving heirlooms and creating our own mementoes for the future. There are lots of things we can do today to commemorate important events, people, or feelings for future descendants. A good chunk of my time is spent on family history projects, combining historic research with treasured objects, in order to tell a story for future generations.

I have been writing regularly about these passions since 2011 and have compiled my articles and ideas here, where they might be helpful in providing inspiration and information to others with similar interests. You’ll find tips for researching the past, using old things today, and preserving now for the future.