A few years ago, my parents were getting rid of a swivel chair they had received as a wedding gift in the 1960s. I knew just what I wanted to do with it!

Project: Reupholster a vintage chair.

I took the chair covering apart piece by piece and took lots of photos to document how it had been put together. This chair originally had arms, but I unscrewed them (and saved them) for a sleeker look. I replaced worn foam and put the chair back together with my choice of fabric (IKEA drapes), using the photos as a guide. I washed the fabric to pre-shrink it and then used the drapery liner as the foundation layer of fabric to hold all the stuffing together. I used the old fabric as the basis for the pattern I created for the cover. I wanted to be able to remove the cover to allow it to be machine washed if needed. Therefore, instead of stapling it to the chair I stapled the hook portion of hook-and-loop tape to the chair base and sewed the loop portion to the edge of my fabric.



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